Thursday, April 25, 2013

Featured Vendor: GB Proudfoots Natural Skincare

by Mistie Dawn

Natural skincare is a growing business. As more people realize that many of our every day household items contain harmful chemicals which can lead to skin irritation, chronic dryness, heightened allergies and even something as serious as cancer are causing people to make a switch. I love that there are a lot more choices out there for people looking for better alternatives and I like to try as many as I can. So far to date one of the best product lines that I have tried is the GB Proudfoots skincare products. All of their products are of the best quality and have a multitude of uses and are concentrated for extra strength. Let me share a few of my favorites with you.

For Pits Sake Natural Deodorant: Seen on TV's The Doctors

These VERY popular natural deodorants have been receiving a lot of buzz. Featured on numerous News programs, the TV show The Doctors, and on the Dr. Oz blog just to name a few. Why are they getting so much attention? Because they don't contain any toxic synthetic cancer causing chemicals that the average deodorants contain. Check out the list of deodorant ingredients to avoid compiled by Natural News. Also For Pits Sake works and is long lasting! Won't cause irritation and using natural antibacterial ingredients. For Pits Sake works so well that dermatologists have started recommending them to their patients.
Petroleum Free Lip Balm
I have tried many lip balms and am always disappointed because 5 minutes after putting it on I'm reapplying and reapplying. In fact my lips start to feel dryer than when I originally put the lip balm on. So what's the point?! Well this is the ONLY natural lip balm I've ever used which I apply once or twice and then don't have to reapply. My lips feel nourished and healed. In fact because you don't have to reapply constantly it last much longer than typical lip balms. Also these lip balms are petroleum, fragrance and chemically free. Try them. Your lips will thank you.
Essential Oil Body Spray great alternative to perfume
There is a lot of information coming out about the adverse effects on synthetic fragrances in skincare and cleaning products. Asthma and other allergies are negatively impacted by all these fragrances. Enters GB Proudfoots Essential Oil Body Sprays. They are fragrance free and contain only natural organic essential oils. Essential oils are used in many types of therapies to help heal and soothe. Whether you use them to freshen yourself, your home, pillows, or linens these are much healthier for you then any of the chemical alternatives and they smell great too! But always do your research before you buy to make sure essential oils are right for you.

Calendula Super Salve - a healing moisturizer
This Super Salve is a concentrated natural moisturizer (think of the equveleint of a 16oz bottle of lotion minus the water and alcohol) and skin healer all in one. Think super hydration + Neosporin. It's all due to the Calendula flowers infused into the formula, which has been used as a powerful healer for centuries. Use it on your tough dry spots or all over. It also works as a great anti-aging night cream. A tiny bit goes a long way. 

Liquid Soap Body Wash
This versitile old fashioned liquid soap comes in 5 different scents and makes an amazing natural body wash, hand soap, and foot soak. Made the old fashioned way with no synthetic chemicals and using the best essential oils. Feel refreshed and invigorated. Do you know what is in your synthetic body wash? Check out this infograph to find out.

Natural Styling Wax
Great for short hair styles. This natural styling wax hydrates dry hair, moisturizes the scalp, contains two ingredients that have been shown to stimulate hair growth, contains jojoba which can help relieve dandruff and is a great mustache and beard moisturizer. Contains no parabens or petroleum.  Forgo all the chemicals in your hair care and give this to someone you love.

GP Proudfoot family of products
I put a lot of time and thought in to every product I carry on I try the products before there added to my eBoutique. It has to be a quality made product that lasts and has a positive impact on you and the environment. But don't take my word for it try some of their products for yourself. You will not be disappointed!

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