Victorian Inspired Organic Wedding Favors

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Victorian Inspired Organic Wedding Favors

Candles were used for light during Victorian times.
Victorian Wedding Glass Candle Favor

Beeswax Candle - Frosted Silver Moroccan Tea Glass

Did you know that Victorian wedding favors were very important to a Victorian bride because giving is just as important as receiving. 

Zinc Key Bottle Opener
Heart Key Bottle Opener

Flowers and herbs were a big part of Victorian life and everything represented a meaning or connection to life, relationships and feelings. Tea: "I will remember you always" really Rose Tea, Honey: means love and Lemon means "a promise to be true"
Handmade Honey and Lemon Soap
Honey Lemon and Tea Soap Buy 4 get 5th on Free
Soaps are individually wrapped
Shoptogreen would be happy to gift wrap it for the occasion.

Each card is generously embedded with our special mixture of wildflower seeds that will grow just about anywhere. During the Victorian era, guest would receive plants as wedding favors. This is wonderful way to say thanks and help the environment. 

Upcycled Seed Greeting Cards
Grow a Note Greeting Cards
This pack of four contains contains one of each of the following cards (with their complementing recycled envelopes) from the Simply Natural collection.

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