Thursday, April 25, 2013

Can You Make Your Own Solar Panels?!

by Mistie Dawn

The answer is yes. If you have some basic building skills and know your way around basic tools then you can make your own solar panels. I'm a proud Do-It-Yourselfer when ever possible. I believe it teaches you to appreciate the skills that you have and the work that goes into making things but so far I have been too intimidated to try building my own solar panels. I've seen every thing from using soda cans painted black, to black rubber hoses, all the way to making a more complex professional looking solar panel. Here is an example of the soda can panel:

Soda Can Solar Panel Photo Courtesy

Looks pretty simple but very crude. If you feel pretty confident in your skills and are looking to make a more complex solar panel this website is a great resource. It contains step by step instructions on How to Build a Solar Panel as well as a video tutorial which is great. This website has me excited about the idea of build my own solar panels. I now have another project to add to my home improvement list. 

How To Make A Solar Panel

Here is a picture of a finished DIY solar panel:

DIY Solar Panel Photo Courtesy of

I think I will give it a try this summer and come back here and post pictures. If you try it please share your pictures as well!

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