Monday, February 25, 2013

Have you heard about Shower Pooling?!?

By Mistie Dawn

I try to stay informed on the latest new green concepts but I have to admit that this is a new one even for me.

Showerpooling, first put forward by Axe male grooming products in 2012, Showerpooling is a way to cut down on water usage by encouraging 2 or more people to shower together. The idea is that if everyone adopted this routine we could save 29 trillion gallons of water (based on the average bath using 30-50 gallons of water and the average shower of four minutes with a standard shower head using 20 gallons of water).

I do remember the Axe commercials encouraging spouse, lovers and friends to shower together as apart of water conservation. I love the concept and t's not like most of us haven't already done this at different points of our life. Every one has memories as a child of sharing a bath/ shower with siblings, cousins or close friends. Our parents did it for efficiency, as adults we have done it to save time as we rush to work, or for romantic reasons. Why not chose to showerpool for the environment? Water conservation is a very important issue and any effort made by individuals to lower their water usage not only saves money but also helps preserve our limited water supply for future generations.

Showerpooling can be done in conjunction with other water saving tactics like air showers heads, low flow shower heads, reusing grey water, rain barrels, etc.

Showerpooling Routine Tips

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  1. I am all for this idea and I will immediately tell my wife that we must do this all the time in order to save the earth. Thanks so much for this important post. :)


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