Green Wedding Venues and Eco-Friendly Honeymoons

Malbaie River in the Parc National des Haute-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie.
Photo Credit:Christine Muschi for The New York Times

The cost of a wedding can be daunting and then add on the fact you decide to be green can make you zany.

The team compiled a list of sites and suggestions to keep you on track and your mind at ease.

Good luck with your wedding plans and if you have a earth friendly wedding venue or eco-trip you would like to share we will feature your idea, just send us an email at

Eco Venues (we promise it is not just earthy tones and granola mix)

Ohau Beach Wedding

Eco Wedding Venue "Au Natural" -  a list of 22 eco-venues that vary from wilderness resorts to bed and breakfast inns.

National Wedding Eco-Friendly Venues - includes museums and parks. If there is a park you love or a museum you frequent locally, inquire about their wedding space.

Beach Weddings are Earth Friendly: an outdoor beach wedding is featured in many romantic films so why not. You are using natural light, it is outside but remember this is for "show only" for your marriage to be legal you will need to get married in a civil ceremony or in a church prior to your beach wedding. Remember to get permission from the municipality in that area.

Park Wedding - thealisters

Green Honeymoon Venues:

International Eco Friendly Boutique Hotels: top five eco-friendly hotels according to Highlife.

A tour on a Honeymoon - some couples love this type of excursion. Tons of eco tours to choose from all over the world.

Responsible Travel - sounds serious ...well it is but their site is very user friendly so peruse.

University of Michigan Museum of Art

Green Wedding's according to real people:

$2000 dollar Wedding - site created by a couple in 2009 that did not want to spend a ton on their wedding and how they did it. It has a lot of great stories and links.

Five Couples with Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas - article on how five couples keep their wedding green.

Love More Waste Less - a couple shares their love for the environment and each other in Green Bay, WI.

Stay tuned...more to come on Earth Friendly Wedding Venues.