Monday, January 7, 2013

Brooklyn Style + Eco Fashion = Madison Maxey Blazers

by Mistie Dawn

Having lived in Brooklyn for over eight years and launched my own eco fashion accessories line there, I know how inspiring yet challenging it is. Which is why when I see two talented young women like Tessa Lewis and Maddy Maxey who have the drive, ambition and heck just a great concept making it happen, I smile. They have come up with a great concept: improve the fit and style of the everyday blazer. Heck, we all wear one from time to time whether it's for a job interview, daily business attire or to simply make a fashion statement. What makes Madison Maxey different is that they decided to move away from synthetics to the natural fibers of silk and cotton twill and each collar is made from recycled designer fabrics. Here is a breakdown:

eco fashion blazers
No more pulling, tugging and mystery fabrics. A conscious apparel brand bringing better blazers to the USA.
You would think that coming up with a cool and chic eco conscious blazer would be enough for Tessa and Maddy, but you would be wrong. Like most fashion designers and due to their start-up budget constraints their current manufacturing is based in China but that is something they would like to change. They would like to move their manufacturing to the USA and have partnered with an independent factory in San Francisco. Have I mentioned how much I love the vision and drive of these two girls?! Moving their manufacturing isn't cheap or easy so in order to fund this move they have created a Kickstarter campaign that just launched today. Have a look at their two intro videos: 

How can you not be encouraged by the direction and vision of these two young fashion designers? Good luck Tessa and Maddy! I look forward to purchasing my made in the USA Madison Maxey Blazer soon.

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