Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Relax, Relate and Release your stress with Lavender

by Katy Green

Lavender Field
 Lavender is used in everything from soaps to candles to shampoos because it has a zillion uses. If you want to more about Lavender...read Inhale the Lavender and Smile! We love lavender for it's soothing properties.

According to the Pocono Record, lavender's value is also as a topical antibiotic, and its scent has been proven to deter lice, fleas and other pests that could transfer plague and other unhealthy diseases. Lavender sachets became popular in Victorian times, not just to scent one's clothing, but to deter insects that could damage valuable textiles.

If you are looking for some great Lavender Toiletries, Lavender for the Home, or Lavender to clean your home...we selected our best Shoptobegreen Lavender products for you:

Baby Powder
Great for Babies and Adults - safe and green
Shoptobegreen Baby Powder

Solay Shine Lavender Shampoo
Leaves hair shiny and smells great
Shoptobegreen Sola Lavender Shampoo

Lavender and Shea Butter Soap
Handmade by 910 Joy Avenue
Shoptobegreen Lavender Shea Butter Soap 

Visit us often for Lavender items at http://www.shoptobegreen.com/

Monday, February 27, 2012

Too late to get a Green Tax Rebate?

by Katy Green

Tax Incentives of Going Green

I don't think anyone enjoys doing their taxes...but I love tax rebates and green tax incentives.

My hunt for green tax discounts, energy tax rebates, and wind power tax write offs resemble a coupon clipping Mom on double coupon day.

Green for Cash

Check out Shoptobegreen Green Tax Rebates and Earth Friendly Tax Write-Offs's:

Friday, February 24, 2012

5 Quick things You can do to Green Yourself!

by Katy Green

CarPool is showing Love for Planet Earth
Attend a eco-event in your area!
Support your community or county and enjoy the green life.

Take a moment to view our 29 Days of Green Love Calendar!

If you are stuck on ways to reduce your Carbon Footprint...try a carpool instead. It's a great way to connect with your office mates and your helping to save the ozone layer.

There are so many ways to show love for the planet and that is why we created the Green Love Calendar!
Green Garden

5 Quick things You can do to Green Yourself!
  1. The human connection is priceless. Waste not. Buy less and show love in other ways it lasts longer.
  2. Tweet or post on Facebook about how to live an earth friendly lifestyle or Like Us on FB. It's free and eco-friendly then share Shoptobegreen Posts.
  3. Save money and create your own Green Garden
  4. Build your vocabulary and help to end hunger at freerice.com
  5. Take break from TV and read a book. Don't buy books try the oldschool approach by borrowing them. Don't know how to find your local library...no worries click here.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Primo Organic Dark Chocolates - Fair and Earth Friendly!

by Katy Green

Chocolate Love
We all love chocolate...well some of us do...there are people who don't like chocolate and for those that don't.

If you don't like chocolate, I suggest you read Shoptobegreen's 7 Earth Friendly Changes for the Future, you will improve you green lifestyle score.

Organic dark chocolate or better yet organic dark truffles sound so earth friendly and divine - I'm lost in a haze of chocolate organic delight.

Theo's Confection Chocolates

According to Greenerchoices.org, the best chocolate is organic fair trade chocolate and it seems that their top pick is Theo Confection Chocolate! The taste testers at Consumer Reports conducted an organic dark chocolate test and the testers noted that Theo’s had outstanding pieces and variety such as "lemon ganache, fig, mint, and ginger enrobed in flavorful dark chocolate." In addition, Theo’s products are kosher, gluten-free, and soy-free...wow now that is truly dark chocolate organic heaven.

]For more on the Greenerchoices.org article: Best Chocolates for Your Valentine, click here. 

If your chocolate tastes are more sophisticated try Fran's Chocolate Truffles, according to Fran's site, all ingredients are local and organic like Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy in Washington, fresh-roasted hazelnuts from the Willamette Valley in Oregon and other farms and growers they have used for over 20 years.

Dark Chocolate Truffles
If you would rather immerse yourself in organic chocolate hedonism (sans calories) we suggest you try Shoptobegreen's Chocolate Body and Bath products, including our NEW Chocolate and Strawberry Lovers Soap.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Potluck Green Day - share your love of food with others

by Katy Green

Earth Dinner
 We have labeled today Potluck Green Day, show your love for the planet and your community, neighbors or friends by sharing a healthy and tasty meal. You will conserve energy and your efforts will encourage community sharing and so much more. 

To access our 29 Days of ShoptobeGreen Love for the Planet Calendar, click here.

If you can't find potluck recipes, no worries we did the hard work for you. We found sites that list easy potluck recipes that are organic, tasty and healthy. 

Potluck Dinner
POV: Food Inc. Gallery
  • If you are looking for potluck ideas and you are inspired to be the leader of the potluck movement in your neighborhood, click here for the Potluck Party Kit and Checklist on POV's, a PBS website.
  • The Potluck Party Kit site lists tons of potluck recipes, instructions on how to organize a potluck dinner and a potluck picture gallery. Please note, this section of the POV site was created for the show Food Inc. that aired on PBS August 2011 - but they left tons of great information.
Shop locally, eat and share your bounty with your friends, family and community. You are making a difference and inspiring others to share. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

29 Days of Shoptobegreen Love for the Planet

by Katy Green

Earth Valentine Heart

Valentines Day is not only for lovers and February is not only for buying chocolate kisses and red roses.

At shoptobegreen we are passionate about the planet, organic food and eco-friendly living and reducing our carbon footprint so our hearts are with mother earth. 

To celebrate our love affair with green living we created 29 Days of Green Love for the Planet.

Please take a moment to check out our daily calendar of Green Love for the month of February. We share ways to conserve energy, recycle, be healthy and much more.