Monday, August 1, 2011

From Beer Bottles to Tea Lights - A Glass Story

by Katy Green

Recycled glass transformed into anything is not new but I wonder what inspires people to take trash and recycle it into something beautiful?

Glass Facts:

Glass has been produced for 9,000 years and the first bottle appeared 3,500 years ago. Though, recycling bins were introduced in the 1970s in the USA -  countries like Sweden achieve +90 percent recycling, the US average is under forty, granted that California leads with nearly 80 percent.  

Beer Bottles - A transformation story....

The glass recycled to transform beer bottles into "iced" look into thick glass coasters, tea lights and mini bowls is truly a labor of love. 

Laura Bergman, reclaim artist and designer of Bottled Up Designs uses post consumer beer, wine and soda bottles. Her fun and creative line of home accessories is a unique way to repurpose glass destined to pile up in the landfills.

Bergman is an avid glass and bottle collector who lives in Pennsylvania Amish Country her whole life. As a collector, she has spent countless hours poking through the many old glass and bottle dumps scattered throughout the natural wooded habitats and rural farmlands where she resides. 

This reclaim artist was bothered by collectors who only take the valuable whole bottles and glass pieces, but leave the broken glass behind for the environment and the wildlife to deal with.

Glass Dump Pile

Bergman has also seen baby deer laying in the broken glass, foxes, squirrels and countless other wildlife running through it - even birds landing in the glass while searching for a meal.

Waste of any kind is harmful to the wildlife, the environment and our planet.

Beer bottles transformed into artistic conversation pieces...
Beer Bottle Mini Ruffled Bowl or Tea Lights

Artistic ruffled bowls are made exclusively from post consumer beer bottles, rescued on their way to the land fill. Sized perfectly to hold a tea light, they are a perfect choice for a paper clip holder on your desk, a stack of business cards, dropping your change into, or for a small serving of dip at your next party. Each piece comes with "The Story of the Glass" detailing what the glass was originally, and the approx. age of the piece.

Green Beer Bottle Coaster Set of Four

Modern set of four coasters cut and fired from post consumer beer bottles! A wonderful conversation piece for your home, and helps keep more glass out of the landfills. Comes in Amber or Green. Each coaster measures 3 1/2" x 4", and has rubber feet to protect your furniture.

For more jewerly, glassware and home accessories made out of vintage recycled glass and post consumer beer, wine and soda bottles visit

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