Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jack Johnson Reclaimed Xmas Tree

by Katy Green

Jack Johnson is known for his happy songs and carefree surfer attitude which is totally cool but what I love most about this guy is his love for the environment and his Green Christmas Recycled Tree.

"Growing up in Hawaii, all the Christmas trees were shipped in from Oregon, and it seemed odd to me even as a kid to ship a tree here that'd been chopped down from somewhere else," says Jack Johnson.

Jack Johnson Recycled Xmas Tree
Coastal Living

So Johnson took his family to the beach, where a storm had washed ashore some wood and debris. "I think it was pieces of somebody's turquoise plywood deck that had been all beaten up and washed around, so it looked really neat—it was all weather worn, and it was Kim's favorite color, so I turned it into a tree."

The ornaments that adorn the tree or a collection of glass and different items that have washed up on the beach as well as glass ornaments given to Johnson to adorn the tree.  The top of their tree is directed with four cigarette lighters in different colors, radiating out like a perfect star.

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