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Click below to watch the No More Paper Cups Campaign video and read the 10 Fast Paper Cup Waste Facts. Please share the message and make a difference.

Paper Cups in a Landfill

10 Fast Paper Cup Facts:

  1. Did you know that most paper cups are created with a resin or glue to help with holding liquid.
  2. According to the Royal Society of Chemistry, it is very difficult if not nearly impossible to recycle a paper cup because of the resin. It take between 5 - 20 years to recycle depending on climate - moist is better than dry for paper cups to biodegrade.
  3. According to the Ministry of Environment, paper cup manufacturers use 20 - 25 year old trees to produce paper cups.
  4. The United States is the largest consumer of paper cups out of 220 billion cups worldwide the USA consumes 130 billion cups.
  5. The RSC states, that paper cups produce 93.8 percent greenhouse gas - methane and C02.
  6. Most paper cups are coated with low-density polyethylene, labeled grade 4. 
  7. Dart Container Company bought the Solo Cup Company in 2012 is now one of the largest producers of disposable cups foam and paper.
  8. The Dart Container Company is advocating for everyone to use polystyrene foam cups. "Polysterene cups take up less than 1% of the landfills"  Is that true?
  9. According to the EPA,  "Each year Americans throw away 25,000,000,000 Styrofoam cups. Even 500 years from now, the foam coffee cup you used this morning will be sitting in a landfill."
  10. Styrofoam is a form of polystyrene. Watch No Paper Cup Campaign to find out why paper cups or Styrofoam cup  are not good for you or for the environment or the future.

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