Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shoptobegreen Top 10 Green Articles of 2011!

by Katy Green

Victorian New Year

We don't pretend to be the guru of all that is "green" but we work hard to share earth friendly information as much as possible!

Please comment below if there is specific "eco-friendly" topic that concerns you! We will research and post it.

Green Movement Symbol

I hope you pass this on to anyone that cares about the environment.

Shoptobegreen's Top 10 Green Articles of 2011
Note: mix of Shoptobegreen and other notable articles - click on links.

  1. Arsenic in juice: How to lower your risks
  2. Eco Romantic Candles ...A Love Affair
  3. Choosing what matters: My smaller (but still green) budget for 2012
  4. Buying Local is Sweeping the Nation like a Holiday Storm
  5. Living off the Grid is more than changing a light bulb
  6. 12 low-cost ways to save energy and money!
  7. Houston, can you see the air pollution?
  8. What’s a MAGNAblade?
  9. Jonesing for Trash into Rainbows or a Plastic Fantasy?
  10. "Victorian Inspired" Organic Wedding Favors

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