Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Victorian Inspired" Organic Wedding Favors

by Katy Green

Victorian Wedding Dress

Oh, the days of the Victorian era filled with pomp and circumstance, the longest period of peace and fashionable ladies of the day.

What a way to live...well, maybe for one day...I would miss my modern day appliances and the comfort of modern living.

Wedding favors are usually one of the last things on your list and sometimes the gifts you give are not as cherished as your wedding day instead the non degradable gifts gather dust on a shelf adding to the pollutants in the air.

Why such drama for a wedding favor?

Well, think of all the weddings you attended in the past, maybe you remember the day but where is the wedding favor? Or do you remember the wedding favor?

Victorians assigned great importance to the meaning of wedding favors and lavished their guests with luxurious gifts like beaded purses and pillows, ornate picture frames, decorative hand fans, flowers and scented soaps.  

For more wedding favors click on Shoptobegreen Victorian Inspired Organic Wedding Favors page.   

Handmade Victorian Wedding Favor Options:

  • Beaded Pillow - it's not only for the ring bearer perfect gift for small weddings (40 or less)
  • Natural Handmade Scented Soap - great for natural weddings by the ocean or outdoors (pair with another item and place in pretty basket)
  • Flower box - perfect gift that will last for years. (use it as centerpiece and then as gifts for guests)
  • Himalayan Bath Salts (excellent for aromatherapy and stress relief)
  •  Palm Leaf Hand Fans - perfect for Spring and Summer weddings.

Handcrafted Daily Detox Face Soap
We can create custom handmade Victorian inspired wedding favors like beaded pillows, decorative rice paper fans or organic gift baskets for small wedding parties of 100 or less. Contact Mistie at 623-252-5470 or via email at with Subject Line: Wedding Favors

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