Monday, March 11, 2013

Would You Go Green For Dollars?

by Mistie Dawn

If every time you uploaded 20 pictures of yourself recycling, planting a tree, commuting to work on a bike, or participating in other "green" activities you received $1 (with a chance to win a greater reward) would you do it? Would your friends or family? Would the world? This is the concept of Go Green for Dollars. An organization that wants to trigger 20,000+ Green activities around the world. By using social media and monetary incentives Go Green for Dollars wants to encourage people to share and do more for the environment.

Recycling Students

Go Green for Dollars is still in the developmental stages. They are trying to raise money to build their website by creating a fundraising campaign and accepting donations to fund the incentives that participates will receive here

What do you think? Could this be the start of the green revolution?

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  1. Wow. This definitely sounds like a way to get people excited about doing earth-friendly things together. I'm going to be watching the development of that other site closely. Thanks for spreading the word!


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