Sunday, April 28, 2013

Filigree ...Victorian Jewelry

by Katy Green

Silver Filigree and Recycled Glass Pendant

Victorian filigree is back in fashion but it never went out of style because of the beautiful Victorian patterns that adorn everything from wallpaper to jewelry. 

Silver Filigree Rattle of Club
Queen Victoria Royal Collection
Presented to the Royal Nursery by Lady Charlotte Finch, 1763; her daughter; by whom bequeathed to Princess Augusta (d.1840); passed to Princess Sophia (d.1848); passed to Princess Mary, Duchess of Gloucester; by whom presented to Queen Victoria 1848.

To be fair, the first filigree pattern was from Etruscan period - artwork discovered in 530–480 BC. 

File:Ear-stud BM GR1980.2-1.42.jpg
First Filigree Pattern
 Etruscan period
Filigree also spelled Filagree, is a delicate detailed metal work for style for jewelry, usually made from silver or gold, comprised of tiny beads or a twisted thread like design. 
Victorian Filigree Wallpaper
in Tan and Black

Filigree Victorian Wallpaper
in Black and White
Most filigree designs resemble the same intricate patterns of lace (think crochet in metal).
Filigree was popular in Asia and Egypt as well during medieval times and of course the Victorian period up till the end of the 19th century.  Now, the filigree design is a staple in the steam punk movement  - all things interconnected and clock like with a precision to detail and design.

Shoptobegreen's love affair with anything Victorian is evident in these beautiful handmade up cycled Silver Filigree and Recycled Glass Pendant Necklaces available in multiple colors. The silver tone filigree tear drop pendant necklace is handmade with pieces of reclaimed antique and vintage glass taken from Wooded Habitats and it hangs on a 18" chain.  

We collected vintage glass from several eras, 1900 medicine bottles to 1940's beer bottles. 
Check out the Silver Filigree Collection below or click here to access

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