Friday, June 17, 2011

Serene Green Bachelorette Party! Is that possible?

Katy Green

I always say "anything is possible" and that is the mantra I live by daily.

Tis the season of Bachelorette mayhem and debauchery but what if your version of a pre-nuptial femme bash consists of something more subdued and organic.

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Outdoor Bachelorette Party
Well, you are not alone, join us as we explore the Serene Green Bachelorette Bash. For those of us traveling on a brown rice path to an alternative "off the grid" lifestyle then I think you will like my suggestions or for those of you that are experiencing a second or third walk down the aisle and the thought of crazed women at a male strip club makes you want to hurl then
I've got the answer:

5 Ideas for a Serene Green Bachelorette Bash!
(this is for whoever is planning the bachelorette party)

  • Outdoor Bachelorette Barbecue: Host your bash outdoors either in your backyard or at a park. Connecting with nature, laughing with friends and not using tons of electricity. Use natural light and or candles to light up at night for ambiance. Ask everyone to bring a dish.

    Beach Bachelorette Party
  • Beach Bachelorette Bonfire: Invite your gal pals to beach midday, soak up the suns rays and then build a bonfire and serve Organic Wine, Barbecue and Organic Greens. Looking for a beach close to East Coast Beaches or West Coast Beaches.

    Organic Spa Bachelorette Party
     Organic Spa Bachelorette Gathering: email everyone an invite to surrender to relaxation and rejuvenation. There a tons of green spas now and trade a gas guzzling limousine for a car pool. Green Spa Pick or Eco Spa Directory.
  • Outdoors Nut Bachelorette Extravaganza: Love the outdoors, nature and exercise, invite your nature buds for a "back to nature weekend" you can choose horseback riding, white water rafting or hiking a mountain and then a night book a cabin or lodge unless you want camp outdoors? I suggest booking a nice place with great amenities. Click here for Eco Cabins in the USA and beyond.

    Lounge Bachelorette Party
  • No Fuss Bachelorette Earth Friendly Shindig: The thought of organizing anything makes you queasy? I am speak to the Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor as well as the Bride if you are an independent woman....keep it low key and inexpensive by inviting everyone to dinner at a great restaurant that serves earth friendly food. Click for Organic Resturants in your area.
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