Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Say No to Plastic Table Mats!

by Green Fashionista
Linen Placemats

I'm in a plastic panic whenever I see plastic table mats! Why and who created this disaster for landfill waste and poor taste? Most place mats are made of plastic because it is easy to clean and it drys quickly.

Table Mat Fact:The main purpose of a place mat is to provide a thermal and physical between the plate and the table.
Gate Eco-Friendly Placemats

If you have plastic table mats don't throw them away because that does not help the planet. Use them for everyday but for those special occasions or weekend family dinners try to be more earth friendly and use Bamboo Place Mats or Hemp Place Mats or Linen Place Mats or Recycled Place Mats.

There are so many beautiful patterns and styles to choose from you will never go to plastic table mats again.
Bamboo Table Mats

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