Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trees Please!

by Katy Green

Central Park in the Summer
 Literary Walk
Central Park Promenade
Ever wonder about the trees in your area or about the trees in your local public park? Do you wonder about the history of the park?  Well, I do!

I think about the vastness of Central Park and whenever I go for a picnic with my daughter or for a stroll with my friends I am thankful I have this wonderland of green in the middle of the concrete jungle.

Central Park in the Spring
Literary Walk
Central Park Promenade

According to Ecorazzi, author Edward Barnard and birdwatcher Ken Chaya have mapped almost all of the 20,000 trees in the Central Park! 

It took the duo two and a half years of work and many miles of walking to list all of the those trees. Their hard work resulted in a map “Central Park Entire.” Barnard decided to create this amazing map while writing his book New York City Trees!

Central Park in the Fall
Literary Walk

Central Park Promenade

Central Park in the Winter
Literary Walk
Central Park Promenade

Green History:

All pictures of Central Park in this www.shoptobegreen.com article are of the famous Central Park Mall Promenade featured in many film numerous times; aka Literary Walk located between 67th and 73rd street.

Did you know the mall was originally designed as formal promenade for the upper class!
The park is lined with Elm Trees. There are many statues of literary figures along the Mall, including Shakespeare, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns. Literary Walk is located in the middle of the park and you can access it via the B or C at 72nd street.
For more on the 400 national parks in the USA, check out The National Park Service site.

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