Saturday, December 10, 2011

Perfect Eco-Gifts for Picky People!

by Katy Green

Shopping for gifts can be a "green pain"!

I empathize with anyone that is tasked with finding gifts for someone they don't really know...yet.

Hmmm...who would that be... a new roommate, new boss or co-worker, new Mother-In-Law or In-Laws to be...the list is endless.

Don't worry is here to help you find the perfect eco-friendly gift and relieve your pain.

Newly engaged at Thanksgiving and want to impress your future Mother-In-Law? Or trying to find the perfect Mother's Day Gift?
Four Bath Essential Bath Soaks to the rescue. It is worth every penny. The salts set includes one each full size bath soak:

Solay Bath Soak
  • Stress Relief Natural Bath Soak
  • Immune Boosting Natural Foot Soak
  • Daily Detox Bath Soak
  • Pain Relief Bath Soak
Want to connect with a new friend or colleague and not sure what they like? 

Lip Balm Gift Pack

Anyone will appreciate The Lip Balm - Gift Pack

I can't recall how many times I have to buy another lip balm because I can't find it or I need an extra one for the office, car etc. The assortment of natural lip balms are a perfect gift for any personality and you could buy an extra one for yourself as only $ could buy three!

Body Relief Pillows

Any boss, will appreciate a Body Relief Pillow. Stress from work, life or any issue can lead to muscle aches and pains. The body relief pillow is a gift that keeps on giving.

Solay Soy Candle
If you are getting to know someone new that could become someone really special but you don't want to splurge yet!

Solay Wellness Candles are a great way to show that you care. Send the gift of light and wellness. We offer a variety of scents: Solay Lavender Soy Pure, Solay Rosemary, Solay Meyer Lemon and Solay Unscented Soy Pure Candle.

Remember give green every time and you save the planet!

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