Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gold Madness...but you can keep the Mercury!

by Katy Green

Do you love the look of gold? I do! I love gold earring and bangles.

For centuries people all over the world have adorned themselves with gold and over time gold continues to increase in value, production and consumption!

The Unites States of America is the largest holder of gold and it's not because of the jewelry...most of the gold produced here is kept in central banks and treasury holdings, 258 million ounces of gold...if you don't believe me click here for the US Gold Treasury Report.

It's amazing how much gold is mined every year...over 2,500 metric tons compared to 400 metric tons in 1900!  52% of the gold produced worldwide is used to create jewelry and the USA is second to China as the one of the top producers of gold.

Did you know mining for gold has negative effect on the environment:

  • mechanized mining use to acquire gold destroys the land and the ecosystem
  • use of cyanide and mercury to separate gold from the rock is toxic to the atmosphere
  • miners are exposed to toxins daily which has long term and deadly effects on the miners and the families
  • as gold production increases more mercury and cyanide will be released into the atmosphere circulating the globe, polar regions and our food chain

Recycled gold is the best option because gold mining is harmful to the environment! Please help stop toxicity in the air by ...



  • Gold is used in electronics from cell phones to calculators to TVs
  • Nearly one billion cell phones annually contain about fifty cents worth of gold
  • Gold is also used in computers like circuit boards
  • Gold is used in medicine and by NASA for aerospace for travel vehicles
  • Gold is also used to make medals and and in glass for climate control in buildings

 Help save our planet...upcycle, recycle and think locally and globally.

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