Monday, July 15, 2013

This Is A Green - Organic Ethical T-shirts

by Mistie Dawn

Are you like me and like to know more about where your clothing comes from, how its produced and what materials its made of? Is it full of harmful chemicals? What is it the global impact?

Then This Is A Green may be the t-shirt company for you. Based in the UK and started by two brothers, their goal is to make ethical clothing and organic t-shirts.

This Is A Green T-shirt

These t-shirts are made from 100% certified organic cotton grown in India and then manufactured in a Fairwear Foundation audited factory that is powered by wind. This significantly helps reduce the carbon impact. They are then shipped to the UK where the message of each shirt is hand silk screened using phthalate-free ink. Each is delivered to customers door in reusable biodegradable packaging and anything from 2% to 50% of profits from each sale goes towards charitable causes. 

With more people wanting and looking for transparency from manufacturers as well as ethical production practices it's nice to see a company that is trying to do just that.

My personal favorite is this blue + yellow = green tshirt.

This Is A Green is also venturing out into other products, like a wallet made out of upcycled seat belts. To learn more about this eco-friendly company visit their website.  

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