Thursday, June 13, 2013

Solar Skylights - Harness The Sun This Summer

by Mistie Dawn

Still sitting on the fence regarding using solar for your home? How about starting off with a small inexpensive project first? You might want to think about trying Solar Tubular Skylights. I first mentioned Solar Skylights in my January 15th post but in case you missed it; Solar Skylights harness the natural light of the sun. They can help you cut down on your daily electricity usage and the heat (especially beneficial in the summer) in your home. Using Solar Skylights brings a soft warm natural light into your home which better for you and your family. 


Bonus, solar tubular skylights are easy to install (under two hours) on any roof surface and do not add heat los or gain to the home like standard skylights (electric lights add up to 40% of the average heat gain to the home). These solar skylights can be used for almost any room including bathrooms, closets and small nooks. Also check to see if Natural Light Tubular Skylights qualify for local tax credits as a energy conservation device.

No big and bulky skylights which take up half your ceiling. Solar tubes look similar to recessed lights and your guest may not even notice. Harness the power of the sun and let it beautify your home while saving money and energy. 

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