Friday, November 18, 2011

Five Tips on how to Green your Home for the Holidays!

by Katy Green

The holidays are quickly approaching it seems much faster than last year...a minute ago it was Halloween.

Don't want to spend money on decorating for the season, too tired to think of ways to spruce up your home during the holidays? 

Don't worry, the folks at came up up with 5 simple ways to "green" your holiday season. We hope you learn something new and please share this with your friends and family.

Pink Jasmine Flowers

5 Ways to Green your Home for the Holidays:

  • Jasmine is great for the holidays, especially Pink Jasmine. The dark green leaves of the Jasmine plant provide a perfect accent to any holiday decoration. You don't need green thumbs because it is easy to grow. 
  • Did you know that for thousands of years the Jasmine flower has also been prized for its intoxicating scent. People use the Jasmine flower to attract spiritual love, wealth, money and prophetic dreams. The Jasmine scent evokes a happy atmosphere and it is also an aphrodisiac. You can purchase Jasmine flowers at your local farmers market, nursery or purchase the seeds at Mountain Rose Bulk Organic Herbs and Spices

Block Monogram Throw Pillow

Block Monogram Throw Pillow
  • Throw Pillows are perfect for any occasion. To spice your holidays swap out pillows through out the house and a bit of "merry" to any chair, love seat, chaise or bedroom. 
  • Our Block Monogram Throw Pillows are perfect as gifts or as an accent to your decor. The felt used to make these pillows derive from 100 percent post consumer recycled water bottles. Truly amazing!. Think about it... the empty water bottles you throw in the recycling bin are melted down and turned into the beautiful, really high quality soft felt. Visit our website by clicking here to view the Monogram Throw Pillows.
Love the look of holiday wreaths but don't like the high sticker price to post one on your door, well we have a less expensive solution.

Holiday Tie Wreath

Holiday Tie Wreath

  • A few of our favorites, Dad's Tie Wreath, look yonder at the wasteland of ties, well wonder no more this is great way to create a wreath. For instructions, please click on the link above. Green Note: No need to buy wire, take one of those wire hangers and fashion it into a circle. Don't use so many ties either, pick four ties and alternate each one so you have neat pattern and then use a different tie as the ribbon. 
Popcorn Wreath
Popcorn Wreath
  • A Popcorn Wreath is perfect for movie lovers that bought too much popcorn during the summer and now the popcorn seeds have expired. will show you how to make a popcorn wreath without the paper plate.
  1. Use any plate to shape the wire hanger into a circle.
  2. Wrap the wire in the thick fabric either with a blanket or old towel or whatever you no longer need.
  3. Cut a 3-foot length of jewelry string (better than dental floss); tie one end of the wire to the string after it is wrapped. You can also use sewing thread.
  4. Thread other end through needle, and string popcorn.
  5. Wrap strand around wrapped wire; tie off.
  6. Add strands until wreath is covered (layer to fill gaps ).
  7. Loop ribbon and hang; sew on a bow.
Holiday Card Decorations on a Door

Holiday Card Decorations on a Door
  • Years ago, I stopped buying holiday cards or cards of any kind because I don't like to waste trees. I prefer Grow a Note. I can't stop people from sending me cards and because I'm nostalgic and I think the best way to cherish the ones you love is to decorate with holiday cards.
  • Get a empty picture frame and fill it with cards.
  • Outline a door frame with ribbon and hand cards or hang cards over your fireplace
  • Hang cards on your tree or down your stair case

Visit us often for more Green Holiday Tips.

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