Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Organic Cup O' Joe is great for shiny hair

by The Greenista

The best way to preserve the environment is to precycle so use products in your home in many ways instead of one.

Certified organic coffee (organic coffee has less chemicals) which is healthier for you, no pesticides, more antioxidants, tastes great, less bitterness, great for flavoring cakes (ground coffee) boost your hair color and shine.Organic coffee improves the shine of dull gray hair.

Certified Organic Coffee Shine Recipe: Note: Use Ground Coffee or Espresso not instant coffee (has additives)

  • 1 cup of brewed coffee 
  • 2 tbsp of Certified organic ground coffee
  • 2 cups of  your favorite leave in conditioner
Some sites claim use (2-4 cups or even 8 cups) there are many different hair types -  the thicker and longer the hair the more cups of coffee you will need. I would experiment.

This is not for long term conditioning...

If you prefer to keep it simple then ignore the recipe above and pour coffee on dry hair before you shampoo or after you shampoo but always before you condition. Leave it in you hair for 20 minutes. You hair will smell like coffee unless you rinse it out thoroughly.

If you want to preserve you hair color rinse out with beer or apple cider vinegar then rinse again.

Some obvious things to remember when rinsing with coffee:
  • Don't pour on your hair when the coffee is hot.
  • Don't use on light hair or bleached hair
  • Coffee stains so use a hair towel.
  • Use Lukewarm water for rinsing out coffee.

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