Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Are you a Greenista?

by Katy Green

Ever wonder if you are loving the environment enough to spend more on organic clothes? Feeling guilty about your lack of a carbon fashion print? Don't know why you still buy leather or anything mass produced in a factory? You are not alone...take a deep breath it is okay.

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If your consciously thinking of our precious planet and attempting to make a eco-fashion difference daily you are doing better than most.  There are many levels to being
eco-fashion friendly and I thought it might best to help you identify if you are a Greenista?

Don't worry, I am not planning to say if you forget Earth Day you are a loser. Every day should be Earth Day or instead of one month dedicated to Earth it should be 365 days a year. In case you don't know, Earth Day is on April 22nd and Earth Month is guessed it ...every April.

A Greenista is someone that is eco-conscious and wears only organic clothing and never buys any leather products or anything tested on animals. Always recycles clothes and buys vintage whenever feasible and does not create unnecessary waste.
  • Newbie Greenista - instead of throwing away your clothes you give them to charity but you wouldn't be caught dead in a vintage store. You would like to buy more organic clothing but not sure if you can afford it. Have no fear, check out, this fabu website provides a hefty list of all the designers, brands and stores in eco fashion!
  • Moderate Greenista - you buy vintage whenever you can, invest in Stella McCartney and you don't buy anything new unless you plan to wear it for more than one season. If Stella McCartney is too much for your wallet, you can always get great designer pieces via Vintage shopping. For access to all Vintage shops in USA, check out, they provide a colorful map with descriptions and links for any store that has a website in the USA.
  • Devout Greenista - you buy only eco-friendly or organic clothes, you recycle everything by donating your clothes or precycle or you go to your local tailor to get your old clothes transformed into new fashionable trendy pieces. Well, you can always improve by hosting a clothes exchange with your friends. A clotheswap is not only for teens or tweens but any woman that wants to share her love of clothes with her pals. Yes, there are several sites dedicated to swapping garments, check out

If you are great organizer, it is fun and easy to host a clothes swap:
    •  Email or IM or FB, Tweet, Text or do it old skool and call your friends to raid their closets for a clothes swap (include accessories).
    • Set a date, time frame and send out e-vites.
    • Prior to the event have everyone bring over their clothes, go through them, organize in sizes, styles, etc. A clothes rack would be most ideal for the swap meet.
    • On the day of the event, everyone takes turns to pick one item to be fair. This is all for good so no negative competition.
    • Donate any items not selected to your local charity.

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